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Feb 4, 2014

5 Signs You're a Twenty Something Transplant

1. You are convinced that you know every other twenty something transplant in your new home.
Don't we all work at the same five companies or went to the same five schools?

2. You have at least one friend that you know from the local alumni bar

Plus eight more acquaintances who you can't seem to remember their names despite sharing weekly brews all fall.

3. You hate having to use precious vacation time just to go home,
But a home cooked meal and a family hug are always worth the travels.

4. You've celebrated Friendsgiving

And may or may not have had the guy at Whole Foods put your contributions right in your Tupperware to have it appear homemade.

5. You joined a kickball team

And actually paid money to play a game that you hated in elementary school.

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