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Apr 17, 2014

Why you should never bunt in kickball or in life

"Females can always bunt – Men bunting (Man-Bunt) will be an automatic out" says the rules of the Underdog Kickball league. Somehow on the field this turns into, boys the ball with all their might to score runs and girls take one for the team and bunt.

This is my second season playing kickball and it took me this long to realize, I should never bunt in Kickball... or in life. According to it's wikipedia page, there is a lot of strategy around bunting. There are techniques, different types of bunting, and even special rules. However, to put it simply, the strategy seems to be in this league, if you're a girl, you're going to bunt because that is the only chance you have to making it to base.

A few weeks ago I had a change of mind. During an informal practice, I went up and tried to simply kick the shit out of that ball and realized that it might not be a grand slam, but I'm better than I thought. I tried it in a game and realized, not only am I more likely to make it to base, but I feel so empowered that I was more likely to run faster and make aggressive moves such as sliding into base.

This got me to thinking, where else in life am I bunting? Where am I making sacrifices because I don't think putting in my full effort is what is expected of me. I'm not a huge feminist, but I do believe that maybe there are places in our lives that we are told the rules are different for us. That we don't have to kick the shit out of it, that there are special rules and that those rules are there because in the end they "make us all succeed."

Well, if I can take one life lesson out of kickball, other than hide your beer in a non clear water bottle, it's that we need to question the special rules that are given to us. Sometimes we shouldn't take special rules or act a certain way in business because the world tells us that we have different rules. We shouldn't accept a crutch because it's handed to us, and we should always kick the living hell out of any curve ball sent our way. Sure you may kick a fly ball or two and end the inning, but you will learn from the mistake and in the end you'll get another chance to score a run.

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