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May 7, 2014

Work Space Zen

I recently switched teams at work, which means switching buildings and cubicles. I packed up my current pictures and desk decorations and took most of them home. It felt as if my pictures from graduations and football games didn't have a place in my cubicle anymore.

I thought I should look around to see what other people on my team were doing for decorations. Of course their areas were covered artwork their kids made for them and/or wedding pictures. Likely it will be years before I have either of those to show (hopefully many many years for the kids' finger paint creations). Granted, I could take one of my pieces from a recent paint and sip class and pass it off as if it were made for me by a relative under the age of 10, I got to thinking... we spend so much time looking at decorations for our homes, but really I spend most of my waking hours at my work desk. It's time to do some desk decorating and here are my favorite finds:

These organizers from West Elm are both functional and refined, plus they aren't over powering.
I love this lamp from Ikea because it's grown-up modern yet girly. 

You may be lucky enough to have a white board in your area, if not this is a great alternative. It's even made with self-adhesive backed vinyl that can be removed and repositioned easily. Win! 

The hardest thing about wall art in the office is that you likely can't mount anything to the wall. You can do a simple search for paper picture frames or check out these two ideas. You can even go real crazy and print some inspirational or funny quotes to intertwine with pictures to get you through the day.

Use these cute pins instead of normal thumbtacks.


Fill a fun wall with these paper frames or DIY for real crafty points.

And finally... flowers are a must and while I always believe you should buy flowers for yourself, I had a hard enough time keeping myself alive at work, let alone a plant or flowers. You can take a fun spin on fake flowers to avoid the work and mess of falling petals.

I love these flowers on Etsy because they are classy and creative. They also scream, "I like to read" which is always good for your work rep.

Fabric tulip bouquet, Handmade pink fabric tulips, Cloth flowers, Colorful patterns, Easter gift, Mother’s Day gift, Happy Spring

I also adore these tulips from Etsy. In terms of fake flowers in the office, I think it's good to go to the extreme. You don't want to look like you picked some up at Michael's and are trying to pass them off as real. Nobody has time for phonies at work, people or flowers.

Happy Hump Day and Happy Decorating!