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May 7, 2014

Summer Travel Beauty Necessities

It's almost summer and the traveling has begun! When I was packing for my first weekend trip of the season I made a note of all my favorite must-haves.

Contact lens bottles: Whenever I flew my contact lens solution always leaked. These bottles, from the Container Store, come in 1/2 and 2 ounce sizes which means you can bring them in your carry on.
They look better than having big bottles of solution out on the bathroom counter so I actually refill them and use them at home- I just couldn't contain myself I guess. Surprisingly, Container Store has a great selection of travel bags and accessories.

Make-up remover: It's easy to go to sleep with makeup on while you're traveling. Maybe you forgot to pack remover, or maybe you just had a drink too many (or two). However, not removing your makeup at night can cause premature aging, ugh (check out the huff post article for the skinny). Make sure to pick up some easy to carry makeup remover wipes to throw in your bag.

CC cream: Ditch the foundation this summer and opt into CC (color correcting) cream instead. Clinique CC Cream includes SPF 30, but can be worn over sunscreen if you're hitting the pool or going on a hike. CC cream corrects for redness, dullness, and sallowness, but I will occasionally mix it with foundation if I want additional coverage.

Lipstain: Lipstain can be a saving grace while traveling and you don't have time to pull out a mirror and redo lip color. I also love this lipstain because it won't leave a mark as you drink a cup of coffee or go in for a summer smooch. While the description says that it is ultra moisturizing, it is a stain and it will dry out your lips a bit. Make sure to apply chapstick as needed (preferably with SPF).

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