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May 27, 2014

Things to Love: The Bachelor Bracket

Monday nights with the Bachelor/ Bachelorette are glorious. What other excuse can you make to get together with group of girlfriends, have a feast of crackers, cheese and pino, and sh-- talk girls/guys as if they were that person in high school that everyone loved to hate.

The Bachelor Bracket is genius, how did abc not think of this first? Compete with your friends in a March Madness type bracket down to the final rose.

 Here is why the Bachelor Bracket is amazing (or how I convinced myself it was not a waste of time)
  • Unlike March Madness, nobody has any personal invested interest in who wins. You don't have to feel terrible for picking the higher seed over your alma mater.
  • There is no higher seed-- there are no stats to review, no theories on upsets, it's all about the abs, personality, face, and career. Who can complain about that judging criteria?
  • If your final rose pick goes home, they could still make a comeback. It has happened in Bachelor history. It will likely be pathetic and they will likely get shut down, but it won't stop these shining C level reality TV starts from trying to come back after they left or weren't given a rose. That gives even a busted bracket a bit of hope.
  • By the time the rose ceremony happens, you likely won't care anyway. Since every episode is somehow stretched out to be two whole hours, by the time the rose ceremony rolls around you'll likely to be too tipsy to care that your bracket is busted.  
Drum roll please.... here are my final 4 and my very mathematical data driven criteria for picking them.

Marcus:  Marcus is a Sports Medicine Manager which means he's both smart and athletic. He also looks a bit like Scott Disick which is cool. Am I right or am I right?
  Photo credit http://www.hngn.com

Nick V: Nick V. is smart and sweet. The nice guy thing will keep him around until the final 4. It will be extra heartbreaking when we see him go home so he has to stick around until we are truly emotionally invested.

Dylan: Dylan has quite the sob story about who he has lost in the past year. If he opens up early enough to stay, I predict he'll still be around for the final four and possibly make it all the way.

Josh: It seems difficult to find something wrong with Josh. I'm confident he'll make it pretty far until  Andi questions if he is too good to true. Plus he's from her hometown. That's a great connection at first, but did you really go on national TV to meet someone who was in your backyard?

You can check out all of my picks and make your own league here.

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