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Jun 11, 2014

Real world fails

I've decided twenty-four is an odd age. Most days I feel like I have it together, that I'm pulling off this whole real person, condo owning, career winning, boyfriend living thing... Then sometimes I still feel like a college kid on a Friday morning.

In the past week I've had quite a few moments that make me wonder (then laugh) about how I am living my life these days.

I was mistaken for the assistant. A potential client's executive assistant emailed me to ask me to set up a meeting with her boss and my colleague. Awk.

I won a game of Cards Against Humanity... with my boyfriends family. I'm pretty sure "my vagina", "flying sex snakes", and "doing it in the butt" were among my winning cards. 

My parent's thought my bank account was hacked. Their accounts were compromised and they thought a transfer on mine was suspicious.  Nope, that's really just my hefty credit card bill payment. Whoops.

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