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Jun 8, 2014

The skinny on the Skimm

photo cred edgeeks.com
I feel like I've always been well aware of world events.  In school current events is part of your day (remember the great days of Time for Kids!?!). In high school my mom would have the nightly news on as I did my homework (thanks Katie Couric). And in college, I lived in a house full of International Studies and PolySci majors who kept me on point. Despite my plan to get them all addicted to as many TLC shows as possible, we always had the news on as we made dinner or ate lunch.

Then the real world happened. I found myself in a yuppie bubble with little knowledge of worldly events. What surprised me about the real world is how focused everyone is from 9-5 and how sheltered that is from the outside world. I remember the day of the 2012 Presidential Election. It was just a normal day in the office. Not a single person brought it up, repped an I voted sticker, or, at least publicly, was following any coverage of the election (I know politics can be a tough one at work, but I'm guessing 90% of the office would vote the same way). Another day that stands out in my mind is the Sandy Hook shooting. I think people were looking at the news, but I was shocked how the real world does not slow for events like these.

Recently, I've been feeling like quite the uninformed YoPro. One day I decided that instead of looking at Facebook on my bus ride home from work, I would review the CNN app. This attempt to connect with the surrounding world was a real fail. I can give CNN some credit for quickly breaking stories and covering a breadth of topics, but so much of what they publish is total junk. 

Here are some of the stellar stories currently on my Home section of my CNN app (just be glad Bieber isn't making headlines today):

photo cred CNN.com

Watch man do CPR on drowning squirrel
Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas split up
Diaper-clad toddler wanders into traffic
Is this the world's best selfie?
The business of being Hugh Jackman
A new wave of LeBroning
'Prowler' arrested at Sanda Bullock's home

Plus, if I get one more push notification about how Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is still indeed missing, I might have to put on a scuba outfit and just go look for myself. 

Then I found the Skimm, a daily weekday email with the biggest headlines for the day. It's as if I'm back in the kitchen of our overcrowded house in Ann Arbor and my roommates are chatting about what happened in the world that day. It's quick, it's witty, and it does not judge if it's been 5 days and somehow the coup in Thailand hasn't hit your radar yet. The Skimm is now my evening bus ride travel companion that I am happy to share.

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