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Jul 22, 2014

Dating in the Job Market

A few months ago I was looking for a new job internally at my company. As I had informational meetings about potential positions I would come home and jokingly tell my boyfriend about my "dates" that day. Obviously it's been quite awhile since I've been on the market so the job hunt is the only dating I've been up to. Today my metaphor went full circle.

On the Market
There are a few approaches to meeting a match. The I'll sit back and see what comes along approach and then there is the I'm on the prowl approach. When you are laid back on the job hunt you might update your resume or actually open the LinkedIn emails with the subject line "Jobs You May be Interested In". Similarly you might get a hair cut and hit in gym in a half assed attempt to improve your love life. Eventually it comes to a point though where one must really step up their game, building an online dating profile or networking and applying to jobs online.

The Meet Cute
You are checking your phone for the calls and emails. Are you going to make it to the next step? Do you look to desperate?  Does the person find you impressive enough to get an in-person meeting? Are they going to swipe right?

The First Date
The outfit and hair have to be on par. This is your first impression and it has to be good and the standard goes both ways. This is where the deal is sealed or it's back on the market.

Long Term Potential
The first date went great, and you have the offer to meet again. You have options though as there are more fish in the sea and jobs in the pool. Was this guy really as impressive as you thought or was the job description for the role so far from reality?

Spoiler alert, I found a great job with long term potential and I couldn't be happier. But for another position I loved I had a meet-cute go...well not so cute (she let me down easy before even making it to a first date). A double edge sword of applying internally is that you have the ability to see who did make the cut (a lot like stalking an ex on Facebook I guess) and after checking I wished I hadn't looked. I mean really, was this personal that much better than me?

So as I was saying, my dating/interviewing metaphor went full circle today. I saw my former suitor gone sour and I have to say I was looking quite professional/mature (in my favorite C.Wonder dress and a new hairstyle I tried from Abby Smith)... and heck yeah I saw that double take. I'm not sure what she was really thinking, but I'm telling myself she was kicking herself in the butt for letting me slip away.

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  1. Ha, I never thought about it before but job hunting really is kinda like conspiracy dating. Although I'm much less nervous at job interviews than I am on a first date...