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Jul 28, 2014

DINKY Weekend Fun: River Tubing

Another successful summer weekend has come to and end. Saturday marked our second annual river tubing event.

River tubing is essentially the lazy river of the real world (and is so much better). While they use to be fun, water parks are really gross to me now. There is a reason that they use to much chlorine, plus think about everywhere you are walking barefoot, ew.

Honestly though, what is better than 4 hours in the sun surrounded (and tied to) tons of friends? The day was also marked by the drunk guy (self identified as the whiskey taxi) who floated by and accidentally boob grazed my friend (which had us cracking up long enough to make you feel better about your abs in a bikini).

I would recommend the relaxation station (below) which held ample supplies and kept bums out of the chilly water.

If you are convinced this is the DINKY activity for you, check out tubing locations by state (many of these are companies that rent tubes, but it can give you ideas of good places to go). Side note, I also love their River Tubing Checklist... although I can't say that I could check everything off the list this time.

Between river tubing, the C. Lowe by Scarlet & Gold Launch Party, and celebrations for a friend's birthday, Saturday was filled with fun. Sunday was left for laundry, dishes, a trip to the dog park, and a visit to the vet with Stella. The joys of being a DINK + Dog. 

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