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Jul 9, 2014

The Hoppiest Workout on Earth

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For the second summer in a row, we conquered the Cycle Saloon. It's literally a pedal powered vehicle that will take you around to local breweries. You can rent out the whole bike or buy seats on already scheduled tours. At $28/person for two hours it's pretty mind blowing that I spent $23 today for a Flywheel class for a 45 min workout that didn't involve beer. For real though, the cycle saloon is a pretty good workout (although I should probably be embarrassed that the driver nicknamed me the Spin Instructor). Plus you get to DJ while you ride around with your besties. A Pub Bike is a summer bucket list must.

[Bicycle] Keep Calm And Pedal On

What to bring: Make sure to check the laws in your city, but if you're in Seattle you'll need a banquet permit to bring alcohol on. Wear comfortable clothing (great excuse for a 80's workout themed event?) and bring lots of water.

Other cities with Pub Bikes:
Milwakee (they even have a shuttle bus, what what!) 
Austin, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego
Vegas (with a Groupon!)
Traverse City
Grand Rapids

So toss the Gatorade, pass me a beer, and pedal on!

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