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Jul 7, 2014

Why It's OK to Half Ass a BBQ

This year our fourth of July plans came together last minute with us, and by us I mean me, deciding to host a BBQ the night before. I love planning parties and I had the need to look up red white and blue drink ideas, decorate to the theme, and make everything myself. Then it hit me, it's OK to half ass a BBQ.

I served food on pastel plates left from Easter, put a fruit salad in a Christmas themed bowl, and actually told people what to bring when they asked. And it was great. Don't get me wrong, I love planning and hosting, but sometimes I need to remind myself that the quality of the company is more important than the quality of the decorations (and the quality company won't care).

The Ghosts of Gatherings Past
I've put a lot of effort into previous events, making sure that everything was perfect before people arrived. Here are my event flops to date. At the time they weren't that funny, (especially the tale of the long lost margaritas), but now they make pretty good stories.

 One Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, Floor
We had a house warming fiesta last year. I tried to make sure everything was perfect. A drink dispenser was just one of many things I purchased before the party (I really loved this giant mason jar and was excited to fill it with margs). I set it outside in the heat on the designated drink table well before the party was going to start. Right before the fiesta, I grabbed it and mixed up a 2L batch of icy margaritas. I ask my boyfriend to stir it, and with the slightest tap of a plastic spoon the glass cracked. There was marg everywhere, on the counter and all over the food. Obviously the worst part of it all was that the main libations for the evening were lost (except for the dog, Stella, who was there to lick it up before we could stop her). Frustrated, I got into a fight with my boyfriend as our friends were arriving freaking out that everything was ruined (he came to the rescue and made a Whole Foods run for overpriced but convenient back up tequila).

If you Can't Join Them Beat Them: A Real Bitch Move
Last Summer at another BBQ everyone was enjoying their food outside. Stella, the bitch of the story, was begging for everyone's food and was trying to help herself to a snack off of the outdoor table. We put her inside and shut the slider. She continued to bark and jump on the door... I mean who wouldn't want to join our party. Next thing we knew, someone tried to go inside and the slider was locked. She actually managed to jump up on the slider handle and lock us out. On the third floor patio, we were totally locked outside. Thankfully about half of the guests were engineers and were able to use the grilling tools to pry back a screen window.

Moral of the story: never put precious cold drinks in a hot glass container, don't piss off your dog if she's smarter than you, and no matter how much you plan, the best parties are sometimes the ones with the least effort.

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