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Jul 13, 2014

Wine: Win with an E

The first of my crew turned 25 this week so we decided to mix up our celebration. Let's be serious, we've been doing the same thing for every birthday 21-24... pregaming at someone's place and then getting ungodly drunk at a nearby bar. 

We decided to try something a bit more classy (but still saucy) and surprised our friend with a limo to Woodenville, an area nearby known for it's wineries. It was even pretty YoPro budget friendly (we got the limo on a Groupon, score). 

I think our driver, Vlad (sadly not pictured), was pretty excited to be driving around our crew for the day. He even cracked a few jokes (when taking a group pic "you look like you are lined up for the military...OK 1...2...3... Say 'Boots!'"). Thanks Vlad.

I always feel like such a newb while wine tasting. I'm sure this is something that comes with experience. Let's be real, when I buy wine I typically decide between red and white and then it's a toss up between what is on sale and what has the cutest bottle.

Our crew was both mistaken for both a 21st birthday and a bachelorette party. When I start to think about it, our life stage is somewhere right in the middle of those two (I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman, anyone?). It was an amazing girls day and hey, by the time we get to those bachelorette parties I'll be able to say the name of every darn wine on the tasting menu.
Dress Vince Camuto, Shoes Steve Madden

BTW, my friend made AMAZING Strawberry Champagne cupcakes. Here is the recipe (you know, if baking is your thing).
Sprinkles' Strawberry Cupcakes  - substitute milk for a 1/2 cup  of dry champagne
Cream Cheese Frosting II - add 1/4 cup strawberry purée

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