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Jul 30, 2014

Woof Wednesday: Dogs with More Followers Than You

Check out the grams of some of the cutest faces on Instagram. These pooches are schooling us in the social media department. They have followers C list celebs would be jealous of.

 Meet the Crew:

1. @jellythebully
Pickup line: Hi I'm Jelly! Mini english bulldog living in the big apple w/my parents 

2. @walterstbernard 
Breed:  St Bernard
Elevator pitch: Walter St Bernard is six years old and weighs 178 lbs. He Tweets and has videos on YouTube!

3. @emmathegreatdane
Name:  Emma the Great Dane.
Signature pose: Long and lanky 

4.  @corgistagram
Country: Oh Canada 
BAMF status: Loki the Corgi even has his own store. Pretty baller, eh?

5. @husky_quartet
Why it's worth the #regram? It's like the 19 Kids and Counting of dog instagrams. This Brady Bunch is out of control with cuteness. 

6. @honeyb_doodle
Why the frames? This A lister can't even leave the house anymore without a disguise. 

Let's just be glad they are yet to master a selfie... then we would all be in trouble. 

1 comment :

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