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Aug 1, 2014

A Quick Hello from my #GRANDPA

After a long day at work what is better than opening the mailbox and finding something other than bills?

I simply had to share this adorable card from my 92 year old  #GRANDPA.

For reference, my #GRANDPA had an iPhone for awhile, but he couldn't make or answer calls so traded up for a flip phone. His use of a hashtag either had to be an a total coincidence or something heard about trending on Fox News (since that and the golf channel are the only two stations he watches).

Maybe a Fox News show had a conversation about what a hashtag is? If you haven't seen this video from the Today show discussing the functions of the internet in 1994, it is a must watch!

Thanks #GRANDPA for the snail mail and a coincidental nudge at pop culture!

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