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Aug 18, 2014

It's OK... Buy the Dress On Sale

I LOVE a good deal which means I often end up stocking up my wardrobe at the end of the season. I find myself ordering items that will get worn once or twice then go to the back of my closet. 

I also like to be able to wear things as soon as I get them. I remember going to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale growing up and picking out my back to school clothes. My mom made me wait until the first day of school to wear them (I mean that was one of the best parts about going back to school), but at the time it felt like torture. If I am spending my hard earned money on something now I don't want to wait 6 weeks to wear it.

Lately, so many cute dresses have been going to sale and I'm telling myself it's OK to shop... under a few conditions. I must be able to wear the dress to work (and after) and be able to wear it with tights come late fall. Here are my favorite 5 dresses on sale that fit the criteria (plus some tips on tights + dresses). 

5 Dresses on Sale Now

Tips for Tights
Length: The best dresses to wear with tights are short to mid length. You can even go a tad shorter than you normally would at work if you are wearing tights (a good fix for all the dresses that leave you wondering if the dress is shrinking or if you are indeed growing). 

Color: If you are buying a dress this late in the season, look for Fall colors and prints. Huff post claims neon, pastels, and loud prints will be in this Fall. Classic colors are also justified as you can dress them up or down with jewelry depending on the season.

Fabric: Be weary of super thin dresses as the waist of your tights might show through. Avoid wearing an outfit that puts a natural skirt against synthetic, stretchy tights. Read more on how to cure static cling on Jezebel

Tights: When it comes time to start rocking tights (with any luck this won't be until November), make sure you're ready with a few pairs. Wear a pair of more transparent black when you want to add a bit of edge and opaque black  for a more conservative look. Always have more than one pair on hand to avoid last minute run catastrophes (and avoid dogs who like to jump, I've learned that one the hard way). 

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