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Aug 5, 2014

Positive Thoughts for Overheating Apartment Dwellers

This is my third summer in Seattle and it's for sure the hottest.

I've never lived in a place where I had AC before. Growing up in San Diego there was really only one week or so a year that you really needed it. When I was in high school it just so happened to coincide with senior prom, which was disastrous. I remember trying to get ready and feeling like my face was melting off, then being bitchy to my dad  because it was totally his fault that we didn't have air and my face was melting. 

In college I stayed in Ann Arbor for two summers. Of course, none of the student housing had AC. One summer I remember going out on the patio for cool down breaks while trying to straighten my hair for my internship. (Excuse my serious first world problems in this entire post).

Now in Seattle we have an AC unit in the bedroom, which is amazing, but the rest of the place is hot (84 at the moment to be exact).

But hey, the glass is half full (and hopefully still has some ice). Here a few positive thoughts to keep you cool in your apartment this month.

You're better adjusted for hot yoga.
Let's face it, your apartment is within 15 degrees of a hot yoga studio. This means you're better adjusted when you go. Or, you can save the $20, call your apartment heated, and do your own DVD workout for free. 

A salad would be great.
Let's be real. Summer is pretty much the only time I crave salad. Bon App├ętit!

The ice cream is scoop-able faster.
Lately I've been loving Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt. It's always hard to scoop, but at 84 degrees room temp, no muscles needed. 

Getting dressed is easier.
In the spring and fall it's hard to tell how it really feels outside which can make picking out an outfit take longer. This morning it was hot inside so I knew it would be hot outside. I threw on a dress and called it a day.

It forces you to get out.
Image via this amazing books of greetings.
Honestly, when it's just too hot inside it's the perfect excuse to go to happy hour somewhere with AC or with fantastic outside seating. Guilt free, it was something you had to do. 

"It burns carbs. It just burns up all your carbs."
According to a very simple and easy to understand article, running in the heat increases your intensity which not only increases the carb:fat ratio, but also increases the cab:fat ratio even at the same intensity.

Here's a graph of a Spanish study, showing whole-body fat oxidation in the heat for trained and untrained subjects, as a function of exercise intensity: 

 Whatever, however you look at it you're sweating more. Go to Taco Bell, you deserve it.

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