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Aug 12, 2014

Pssst....I Have a Secret

I have two 15 minute bus rides on my commute home from work. It doesn't quite seem like enough time to do anything really productive. Instead I spend my time reading news from the Skimm, seeing who is newly engaged/married on Facebook, and deleting (and sometimes shopping) endless flash sale emails from Express and the Loft.

I came across and downloaded a new app today called Secret. Essentially, secret posts (pictures + text) come from friends, but you don't know who. You have the ability to write back anonymously and when people <3 your secret, it spreads to their friends and can travel around the world.

Here is a bit about how it works from the creators:

We built Secret for people to be themselves and share anything they’re thinking and feeling with their friends without judgment. We did this by eliminating profile photos and names and by putting the emphasis entirely on the words and images being shared. This way, people are free to express themselves without holding back.

Hey, I like being myself and sharing things without judgement (that is kind of the point of this blog). 

I spent a solid bus ride scrolling through various "secrets" in my feed. Below are a few of my favorites:

Next time on your commute if you're sick of seeing who is #100daysofhappy, newly #engaged, or just finished a 26.2, try reading some secrets instead.

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