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Aug 9, 2014

True Statement: Falsies are Not the Answer

A few months ago a tried eyelash extensions for the first time.

The first week was amazing. I saved time in the morning getting ready, I left spin class without raccoon eyes, and my eyelashes looked better than any curler and mascara could ever get them. Eyelash extensions were officially the best thing since sliced bread...

The cheerful selfie from week 1 that I sent my mom showing off my new lashes.
Then I hit week two. Suddenly I was seeing stray lashes falling, which caused some alarm. In the morning, my lashes would be clumped together and I would stand in front of the mirror for what felt like hours trying to comb them out. Soon it felt like clumpy or lashless were my only options. I started to feel like my lashes were my antenna. I also had to start putting mascara on my outer lashes since those were the first to fall out. My lashes were totally stressing me out. I went to work hoping that nobody was staring at my eyes and the second I was outside my sunglasses were on.

This was about the time that I debated having them removed, then I decided to keep them and get them filled. The only available appointment was on a day that I had a college roommate flying in to visit. I had to tell her it was a beauty emergency and I was going to be late picking her up, which probably makes me the worst ex-roommate ever. Seriously though, unless being beautiful is your only day job, who has time for a lash upkeep appointment every three weeks?

I had them filled and I happily repeated week one and relentlessly repeated week two and three. This time I knew I couldn't play ground hog day again and it was time to get them removed.

The process of getting the lashes applied is seamless. They tape down your bottom lashes so they don't get stuck, then you just shut your eyes and relax the rest of the time. Whatever he removed the lashes with however smelt like it should have been kept in a lab. My eye started watering, then  burning and for about 30 seconds I was convinced that I was going to have to go the rest of my life telling people I went blind from eyelash extensions.

As he finished removing them he told me how great my natural lashes still were. I grabbed a mirror. Bullshit, I had stubs for lashes. I went to work the next day terrified that someone would ask me what happened. Thankfully my coworkers are more discreet than that.

Fast forward a few months and a friend went through the same thing. I comforted her with the fact that mine were back to their pre-lash debacle length within a few weeks. If my tale of lashes don't scare you out of it, maybe these texts from my friend will:

That is why, unless you have unlimited time and funds, eyelash extensions are not a miracle waiting to happen. But, if you're like me and have to make mistakes for yourself, here are a few supplies to get you through:

Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover: Your eye make-up remover needs to be oil-free otherwise it will remove the lashes (and don't use water proof eye make-up while you have the lashes on). I used these correctors to clean off my lashes.


Eyelash/Eyebrow Brush: You'll need an eyelash brush to help keep your lashes smoothed out (or at least try to). Myesthetician recommended disposable ones you could soak in the oil-free eye make-up remover. I couldn't find them at the store, but this brush worked (as well as I think it possibly could).

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  1. Holy cow. Sorry this happened. Thanks for sharing. I have decided to just keep using masacra.