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Sep 2, 2014

10 Things from 10 Years

It's been 10 years since I started high school. The days of dashing to off-campus lunch and practicing routines to be performed under the Friday night lights seem like yesterday. With hindsight, I wish I could go back and guide myself through those four years, but I guess that wisdom comes with time.

If I could send a message back 10 years, here are the 10 pieces of advice I would give myself.

1. Appreciate your parents
One day, about eight years from now, you will appreciate everything that your parents have done for you. It will take a full time job, a serious relationship, and a mortgage to understand the hard work and sacrifices they made. For now, even if you can't fully appreciate them, at least try to be nice to them (skip the name calling, deflecting, and serious lack of gratitude).

2. It's OK to do a little rule bending
I know you are a rule follower, but you can break a few in your high school years. As long as you are not putting yourself or others in danger it's OK to live to a little. And P.S., your mom totally knows about half the stuff you're doing anyway (another reason to reread number 1).

3. You can't keep up with the Joneses (or the Kardashians, or anyone for that matter)
Stop lusting over luxury clothes, bags, and cars. Stop looking at others for what you think is cool. And stop feeling like you are any less of a person if you don't have these things. Ten years from now you won't want to be remembered as the girl with Mercedes anyway and I can guarantee you that nobody will remember you as the girl with the beat up '97 Rav4.

4. Stop caring about what boys think
I know you think you're going to find Prince Charming in high school, but I'm sorry you're NOT. I can tell you the day you stop worrying about boys is the day you will be closer to this happening. You let boys define you, distract you, and disconcert you. It needs to stop.
Also, Prince Charming doesn't exist and relationships take a lot more work and mean a lot more than a relationship status on social media and flowers on Valentine's Day.

5. Stop caring about what anyone thinks
Don't just stop caring about what boys think, stop caring about what everyone thinks of you. You will have more fun, I guarantee it.

6. You will encounter defeat, but don't waste tears
You will face rejection...from friends, from colleges, from boys. You will even be replaced on your BFF's MySpace Top 8 for her boyfriend, gasp. Get over it. None of it is worth crying over. Keep your head up and realize that even though it feels like high school is the whole world right now it really isn't. I promise that everything will turn out just fine. 

7. Thanks for taking care of your body, now you need to love it
One day you will workout for your health, not your figure. For now though, thank you for running, taking spin classes, and conditioning at practice. Love and appreciate your body. Confidence will come with time, not from time at the gym. You don't need to get caught up in pre-Homecoming diet fads. Also use more sunscreen, it's not worth your fair skin attempt at a tan.

8. Being a good student will pay off
I know you want to drop out of AP calc, but trust me it's worth the struggle. It feels like there better things to than your homework, but I thank you for your work ethic.

9. There will be a day without your clique
About a year into high school you will form the best group of friends that you could ever imagine. You'll nickname yourselves the Weekend Warriors and spend lunch times, nights, and weekends together. It will feel like you are being torn apart when you go half way across the country for college. I hate to break it to you, but you won't stay friends with everyone. It will also surprise you which of the crew are the long lasting friends. You will find college friends and post-college friends and while they won't be the same they will be exactly what you need. I believe the universe brings you the people you need at certain times and the universe will take care of you. 

10. "The Biggest Days of Your Life" are overrated
You feel the pressure to make events like prom and formals perfect since these are days you will supposedly remember for the rest of your life. Stop putting pressure on yourself to make these memories. It's actually the days and the moments that seem ordinary that will be some of the best moments that you will carry with you forever. 

The Weekend Warriors making real memories.

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