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Sep 17, 2014

Woof Wednesday: 5 Reasons Your Dog is Your Best Running Buddy

Dogs may be man's best friends, but paws-down, they are are also a lady's best workout buddy.

Here are my top 5 reasons your pup makes the best running date (and the dog supplies I don't go on a workout without)!

1. They Keep You Motivated
It's easy to make up your own excuses for why it's OK to skip a run when you planned on going. It's a lot harder to think of these excuses when you know it's in your dogs best interest as well. If for some reason you can't do it for yourself that day, do it for your dog.

2. They are always DTR.
Your dog always down to run. On the occasion that Stella (my dog) is sluggish, get that leash on and she is ready to go. Plus, your dog won't cancel your workout plans last minute because they got stuck in traffic or had to stay at the office late (lucky bitch).

3.  To any bystanders your dog needed the break, not you.
I really have to thank Stella for taking a pee pit stop or refusing to move until she's finished smelling the fire hydrant. I needed the break, even though I wouldn't admit it.

4. You're no longer the cutest one running.
Research shows that standing next to a less attractive friend makes you look better. Well frankly when I'm on a run I'd rather not have any eyes on me. Your dog will out-cute you on your run, meaning nobody is looking at your red face, sweaty body, or tired eyes and will instead be looking at the cutie pulling you along. 

5. They don't want to get chatty.
I have never a big fan of running with other people. I would rather just have me and my headphones. I mean I can barely breathe, why would I want to chat with a friend on my run? Let's save that chatting for the happy hour I deserve after my run. Your dog won't try to get chatty with you on your run or judge you when you can hear the Britney song on your headphones from a few feet away.


When running with your dog, make sure to be safe and prepared. Purina also has some great tips on how to keep your dog safe while running and how to know when you're pushing your dog too hard (it's usually the other way around for me). Below are some of my favorite dog supplies for getting active with Stella!

1. The Wonder Walker:
I swear by the Wonder Walker. In puppy school to work on pulling we were advised to stop walking every time Stella pulled until she stopped pulling. Since we walked to puppy school we got absolutely nowhere following this rule. I'm a good dog parent, but not that good. The Wonder Walker stops Stella's pulling. It's bit pricey, but worth it.

2. Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser
I would be flattering myself if I told you that I run long enough distances that we need a water break. I don't (but you might). We use this water bottle for long walks and hikes though. The bottle flips out and becomes a slide. Nifty right?

3. A Light for Safety
Please, please, please, make sure cars see both you and your dog. Use this light or use something you already have to draw attention to your dog if it's dark out.

4. Poop Bags 
Don't get stuck on a run without PPG (proper poop gear). I use these corn-based compostable bags that are all natural. I live in Seattle, what else would you expect?

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