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Oct 15, 2014

Woof Wednesday: Birthday Edition

I've noticed I've been posting a disproportional amount of Woof Wednesdays lately. Sorry about it because it's officially STELLA'S BIRTHDAY and every basic bitch needs a birthday post.

Yesterday Stella turned 2. Apparently that is 21 in dog years (here is the calculator in case you want to feel dog years young. I'm only 3!)

Two years ago I never would have thought that we would have a dog (let alone be celebrating that we kept it alive for two years).

About two years ago I was still fairly new to Seattle and struggling through my first busy season at my job. I was experiencing The 21 Struggles of Wanting a Dog But Knowing You Shouldn't Get One. The biggest struggle was that our lease stated we couldn't have a dog. Since we couldn't get a dog for this reason, I was instant that this lease was the only thing holding us back from some serious puppy love.

Finally one day, just for confirmation that we really actually couldn't have a dog, I emailed out landlord and asked. She replied that as long as the dog was small/medium sized and we put down an extra deposit, we could add an amendment to the lease and have the dog. Suddenly the biggest blocker between me and a dog was gone...which was pretty freaking scary.

We picked up Stella right after New Years 2013. The weeks leading up to that were filled with waiting for pictures of her, watching the videos of her litter, and picking out all of her doggie stuff.

This is picture that convinced us Stella was "the one".
Having a puppy can be rough, but I'll keep this bday post light. Here are my favorite Stella moments that were NOT funny at the time, but are some of my favorites now.

She ate money for breakfast...
Brunch can get pricey, but last year Stella took it to another level. One morning Stella wasn't hanging around me while I was getting ready and my boyfriend was in the shower. I knew she had to be up to something if she was this MIA. I walked into the living room and there she was with a pile of shredded cash between her paws and mouth. Our neighbor rents out our extra parking spot and slipped cash under the door which she literally ate for breakfast.

She should have received a UIP...
One of the first times I ever took Stella to work (she was probably around 16 weeks), she napped for about 4 hours. As soon as she woke up I knew she was going to have to pee. I put on her leash and got in the elevator... we didn't make it downstairs and I couldn't stop her. I really wasn't sure what to do next. Since when we got to the lobby there was no need to have her go outside anymore, I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a ton of paper towel. With 6 or so elevators it took awhile to get the same one again. I stepped in and someone else got in with me. Caught. In. The. Act. I used the paper towels to wipe up what I could, but it wasn't quiet enough. I don't remember who was in the elevator with me that day, but I'm sure they will forever remember me as the girl carrying paper towels drenched in pee in the office elevator. Ew.

She knows how to make an exit...
Fast forward a few months (when thankfully her bladder was a bit more robust) and Stella was back to wreaking havoc in the office. I was in a meeting and got a text that Stella had got out and someone found her in the lobby. While this might not seem like an incredible accomplishment, let me give you a break down of this doggy obstacle course. She first had to get around the dog gate (which I later found out a coworker left open), into an elevator and down 5 floors, past the security guard, and through one set of double doors. The woman who found her and tracked down someone who knew I owned her was not as amused by this doggy dash as I was.

Cheers to Stella no longer being a puppy. Happy birthday bitch

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