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Oct 8, 2014

Woof Wednesday: A Needed Dose of Happy Dog News

Yesterday it was released that authorities in Spain plan to euthanize the dog of a nurse diagnosed with Ebola. After reading this, and the rest of the news, I needed a dose of happy.

Not all the news about dogs this week has been sad. Here are my favorite doggie tales making headlines this week.

What goes around comes around...
In Michigan on Monday night Teddy, a golden retriever, helped alert his family of a fire in the house while they were sleeping. Teddy had been rescued after being abandoned in a State Park last year. I guess it was time he returned the favor.
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Nine lives aren't just for cats.
Photo: Two By Two Animal Rescue Facebook page
Lazarus, a four-year-old Black Shepherd mix, survived being hit by a car, but was not adopted fast enough. After two lethal injections he was pronounced dead, but was alive and well in the morning. He is now living with a foster family in Alabama. What a fighter.
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Hallelujah I'm not crazy.
According to a recent study, which had women look at pictures of their dogs and young kids, "there was a common network of brain regions involved in emotion, reward, affiliation, visual processing and social cognition when mothers viewed images of both their child and dog." Obviously the cognitive response to children and dogs wasn't entirely the same, but I think it's enough to justify the occasion when I prefer to hang out with my dog on the couch on a Friday night instead of going out.
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Something good (other than beer) finally came out of baseball.
The Kansas City Star
At a Royal Game last week Katie Castan held up a sign with a promise from her boyfriend that they would get a puppy if the team won the Wild Card Game. Well the team won and her boyfriend held up his end of the deal. The couple adopted Lucy from a family trying to rehome their Corgi. I'm just glad the fate of  my dog Stella didn't have to rest on the Mariners making the playoffs.
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