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Nov 25, 2014

Two Pillows, One Pattern

This was my freshman year dorm room. It's so pink and coordinated it's almost disgusting, yet it makes me nostalgic. It brings back memories (or lack there of) of the times I would stumble in on a Thursday night at 2am and hop under the covers of that girly twin bed... a time when my biggest responsibility on a Friday was making it to a 10am class and when a glass of water and cup of coffee cured any first signs of a hangover.

Despite the special place this room has in my heart, I was over all of the pink by junior year. For the sake of saving money, I held out the rest of college without buying new bedding. By the time I graduated, I was so excited to get to decorate my first apartmentthe only caveat was that I was decorating to please both my boyfriend and myself.

Recently a friend was moving in with her boyfriend and commented on these challenges as well. It's difficult to find bedroom decorations that make you both happy. Before moving in with my boyfriend, we were furniture window shopping with his grandma, an interior decorator. She told me I should be in charge of picking out the bedroom decor, that it is important for a woman to feel feminine in her bedroom. Despite making me feel slightly uncomfortable, it was true. I realized I probably couldn't go totally flower power, but the bedroom didn't need to feel like a bachelor pad either.

Here are some of my other favorite tips on decorating when combining styles.

1. Start with a more masculine base, bring in texture and pattern in accent pieces, and the third layer should involve more feminine touches - apartment34.com
2. Avoid patterned fabrics traditionally associated with either feminine or masculine sensibilities. Large floral patterns and traditional plaids fall into these categories. Instead think about using stripes or other geometric designs. - interiordec.about.com 
3. If you and your partner identify with very different styles, you will need to accept that your new abode will have a more eclectic look than your previous home. It’s not worth trying to convince your partner to change their taste in design and décor just to maintain your interior look. -domainehome.com

Based on these tips, my boyfriend's g-ma's advice, and my personal style, below are my favorite picks for bedding when moving in with a boyfriend.

1. Echo Odyssey (the one in our guest bedroom) 2. N Natori Fretwork 3. Portico 92

West Elm


If you have a dog, I also swear by duvets as they are much easier to clean. About ten days a year our guest bed is actually a guest bed. The other 355 days it's a giant dog bed for our basic bitch Stella. When we wash the duvet it's scary how much hair is in the lint catcher...gross.

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