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Nov 12, 2014

Woof Wednesday: Waffle Leash for the Win

This started as  just a #WoofWednesday about how obsessed I am with Nicole Miller's dog accessory line (see below, cute right?). I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend watching The League (one of the shows we started watching together since we cut the cord with Comcast). I turned my laptop to face him and showed him the below collage in Photoshop.
"Ohhhh my gosh, how cute is this dog stuff?!"
His response?
"I mean the bowl is OK, but the leash looks like a waffle."
I should be used to this by now considering it's been almost two and a half years that my boyfriend and I have been living together. I went from living with seven other girls my senior year of college to living with just my boyfriend the following year. It was a weird adjustment not having seven other closets to pick through and to not have a whole crew to bounce my outfits off of. I decided to just start asking my boyfriend for fashion advice anyway (he's an engineer... I'll leave it at that without insulting his own closet).

I've concluded that his responses to my fashion questions are both a blessing and a curse...

He won't sugar coat it.
I think we've all been shopping with that friend before who when you ask them how something looks they say it looks good even when you know it doesn't? Well that friend is definitely not my boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, he would never tell me I look fat in something but he will always give me his honest opinion. I mean that's why I asked right? One of the joys of almost 6 years of dating.

He won't be offended if when I don't listen.
One of the things I love about asking my boyfriend for fashion advice is that he will absolutely not be offended when I don't listen. I'll often put a different shoe on each foot and ask which I should wear. If he picks the one I'm leaning towards I wear it and if he doesn't I wear it anyway. No offense taken. He was with me when I bought the infamous couch pants, which he hated but I obviously decided to buy anyway.

He misses the big stuff.
I can't tell you how many times my boyfriend has been sitting at work and gotten this text.
It's nice to say that he is looking at me not my outfit in the morning, but if I was still living in a sorority house I don't think I would be having this many workday wardrobe malfunctions.

And with that... I leave you with what I believe is one of the cutest dog accessory lines I've seen. I would walk around with that waffle leash any day. It's pretty #basicbitch.

1 comment :

  1. Why is he saying the leash looks like a waffle as if it's a bad thing? Haha. I love it!

    - Sarah