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Dec 14, 2014

25 Signs I'm Totally 25

I don't know about you, but I'm no longer feeling 22.

Earlier this month I hit a quarter century and spent the weekend up in the mountains in a giant house with my boyfriend and our closest friends. We went wine tasting, went to the tree lighting in the nearby Bavarian town, and had an awesome dance party with ourselves at 1am. I was so happy to have a birthday that didn't resemble a fifth annual twenty first birthday celebration because frankly I'm feeling too old for that sh!t.

While it's cheesy that 25 is one of those iconic birthdays (it seems to be the only important one between 21 and 30), I do feel like it's a very interesting time in my life. On one hand I feel that I am starting to enjoy more grown up activities, then I do or think things that make me question that wisdom.

For the good and for the bad, below are some of the things that really define my life at this point... and I couldn't be happier about it.
1. I find it more interesting to creep someone on LinkedIn than on Facebook.

2. I am constantly trying to prevent breakouts and fight wrinkles at the same time.

3. Wikipedia asked me to donate... and I did.

4. I've experienced a two day long hangover. When you can't stomach coffee on a Monday morning you know you're really in for it.

5. I get mad when I don't get carded, but get peeved when I do.

6. I joke that I live in the burbs now when I'm actually just three miles from downtown.

7. Sometimes I blog on Friday nights (or fall asleep on the couch) and I find it 100 times better than going out.

8. I find college football players attractive, then realize we are 7 years apart.

9. I look through People Magazine and don't recognize half of the "celebs" anymore.

10. At Nordstrom I have t.b.d.taste, but I'm still on a BP. budget.

11. I went on a business trip and came back to find that my boyfriend switched our EDM radio station button to NPR. Now our morning commute with NPR has really grown on me.

12. I can actually tell the difference between good and cheap wine, but still pick out my bottles by how cute the label is.

13. I respect and appreciate my parents more and more each day.

14. I have very few Facebook friends still in college, making withdrawals easier these days.

15. The last time I went back to my college campus I had the need to Swiffer the floor of my favorite bar.

16. Going on Facebook is like asking who got engaged, married, or announced their pregnancy today.

17. I know people my age having Intentional Babies (yes, like they actually wanted to birth a child at this point in their lives, it was not a mistake).

18. For a hot second I was worried I was having an Unintentional Baby. In reality it was just extra weight thanks to my slowing metabolism.
19. Going on walks is an enjoyable and productive social activity.

20. My Starbucks gold membership is too easy to maintain. Give me a challenge (30 drinks a year, psssh more like per month).

21. I still get excited by the idea of free food. Heck yes I will take that lunch meeting if there is pizza.

22. On my 25th birthday my team at work joked that I can now vote and buy lotto tickets. As annoying as it was, I am still thankful that someone was making youthful jokes.

23. I struggle to sleep in on the weekends anymore. When I do, I really really sleep in then panic that I wasted one of my two days of freedom.

24. For Halloween I opted into the most comfy costume I could think of. Who is winning now?

25. I went to Vegas this year and shocked myself that I still had it in me to party all night. I also realized I am a terrible wing-woman. I have nothing to talk to strangers about other than my job, boyfriend, and dog.

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