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Dec 29, 2014

My World is Changing, Does that Mean Christmas Changes Too?

I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday traditions, but never got around to finishing the post. December has been a busy month. Between dealing with peak at work, celebrating my 25th birthday, and my 6 year anniversary, I haven't had much time to post. Once that craziness was over, I went home to visit my family in San Diego and my boyfriend was off to Michigan to spend the holiday with his.

We are yet to spend a Christmas together. I thought that this would be the year I would go back to Michigan with him, but my mom guilted me in to going home to visit them and I am glad since it had been far too long since I last went home. While I was home my with my parent's Christmas soundtrack on repeat for days, I caught a line in Faith Hill's "Where Are You Christmas" that really struck a cord with me.
My world is changing
I'm rearranging
Does that mean Christmas changes too


I think everyone has those years when they feel that way. The first for me was when I found out who Mr. and Mrs. Claus really were in the first grade. Leaving for college, having finals up until the week of Christmas and being 2,000 miles from home was another transition year. I finally felt like I got use to that and had some new traditions and next thing I knew I was in Seattle living in the "real world" starting from scratch again. My mom has often told me of her first Christmas that she couldn't make it home for and how she started crying as a nurse when the song "I'll Be Home For Christmas" came on. All that reflection on change made me think...
How do we embrace change during a time of year based on tradition? 

Whether changes are big or small, when they occur around the holidays more than ever it makes me feel like I don't have control. Fear not, I bring you the resolution from Faith Hill's song:

If there is love in your heart and your mind
You will feel like Christmas all the time
I love the resolution to the song, when it switches tones and reminds us that Christmas is more about love than about traditions.

Even though many of my traditions have changed. I feel like I have found ways to keep the love and memories with those from different parts of my life. Here are a few of my new and old "traditions" that remind me of the love of the holiday season.

Secret Santa with my college roommates:
I would do a Secret Santa with college roommates when we were in school. We decided to keep doing it even after graduation (and have made it three Decembers making it happen). It's a great reminder that even though we may not all keep in touch as much as we mean to, that we still have a special bond that spans across the country.

Annual Ornaments:
Growing up I was given an ornament a year which had some significance for the year. My parents let me take my ornaments from their house to fill my own tree. I feel bad that most of my tree with my boyfriend is made up of my ornaments now, so I plan to keep the tradition alive and get one a year that means something special to us. I bought one in Thailand this year on our first real couples vacation, but I lost it by the time November rolled around. I really love our home ornament from 2013 as it symbolizes an old tradition in a new environment and I am thankful for both.

A Christmas after Christmas: 
Since this was our sixth (and hopefully last) Christmas apart we always come home and do a second Christmas together. Last night even though my flight was delayed and I got home to Seattle around midnight, we still did our celebration. We will see if next year I decide to go to Michigan instead.. if that's the case I'll have to make sure to bring "Where Are You Christmas" with me.

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