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Jan 28, 2015

New Year's Intentions

I hate the idea of New Year's resolutions, almost as much as I hate Valentine's Day and grammar mistakes on Facebook. 
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On this blog I vow to be honest (and hopefully funny) about the challenges that come with a new career, adult responsibilities, and a seriously relationship (as blessed as I am to have these things). I will be the first to tell you that if I set a resolution to go to the gym x number of times per week or build up $x in savings, frankly I would totally fail. My life is an organized mess and I've come to realize that at times that is OK. I have also come to realize that while unrealistic, I do like the idea behind resolutions, but I've been thinking about resolutions all wrong.

I'm no yogi, but I love setting my intention before a class at Core Power. There is something about setting an intention that is motivating in fitness and puts meaning into an unpleasant hour of sweat. I have come to embrace that my New Year's resolutions are actually intentions, not resolutions. I plan to think of them as guidance and reminders rather than a dictating goal that ends in failure.

The end goal of a resolution is much larger than the resolution itself. Yes, you want your goals to be S.M.A.R.T., specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time- bound (if you don't know that acronym, welcome to the world of corporate BS), but when it comes to self improvement, I know I at least need to look at things differently. For example, in 2014 my resolution was to start a blog. I didn't start right on Jan 1 and I didn't build up a successful website that would hit any sort of SMART goals, but my end goal was actually not just a blog. I was feeling like I was not getting the creative outlet I needed at work and knew I needed to do something on the side to make me happy. My intention was a creative outlet and the blog was just one way to get there. And hey, considering it's January 28 and I'm finally getting around to writing about New Year's resolutions I would say this intention has fit in somewhere in the organized chaos I call life.

At the start of this year I set my New Year's resolutions as normal:
1. Finally attend our Home Owner's Association meetings
2. To sit down to a mostly homemade dinner on Sundays

Throughout this month I had time to think through the intentions behind these resolutions. 1. To feel a better sense of community where I live and 2. to sit down and enjoy meals together and think twice when eating processed food. If at the end of the year I've lived with these intentions, then I feel like I've accomplished something.

So we are a month in... and how are they going so far? Welcome to my organized chaos.

1. I did make it to a HOA meeting. I got stuck at work and didn't have time to take the bus home for the meeting. In the pouring rain I got stuck with surge pricing on Uber and payed over double what I would normally pay to make it home just to get to the meeting 15 minutes late. They didn't have quorum to vote on anything meaningful. So other important matters were discussed like the new firehouse that was built two blocks away and how hot firemen are (it was all women in attendance). After the important discussion regarding fireman abs, I met a few neighbors. Do I remember their names? No. But hey, I went out of my comfort zone and took a step to feel a closer sense of community (and there was free food so there is always that).

2. I've made a couple Sunday meals. OK more like one or two, but I had a terrible hangover after a Bachelorette party (Sunday dinner was a plain piece of toast sort of hangover) and then I was driving home from a weekend in Whistler with a Sunday evening road trip fast food pit stop... but I think my intentions have gone outside of Sunday dinner. I feel that on a daily basis I have been prioritizing cooking (at least more than usual) and sitting down and eating properly (instead of watching Netflix or working).

I'm going to stick to my plan of New Year's intentions and throw the resolutions out the door. Namaste.

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