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Jan 12, 2015

The Bach is Back!

It's the second most wonderful time of the year. The Bachelor is back and I'm definitely not excited for the right reasons. It's not because The Bachelor makes me believe in true love or because I can't wait to see the proposal at the end. It's because of the drama and the cattiness, and most importantly it's because it's an excuse to spend Monday nights with 10 of my closest friends drinking wine, eating cheese, and talking smack about people we don't even know.

As if the wine and cheese isn't enough of a tradition, we are now in our third season of the Bachelor Bracket. Last year I raved about why the Bachelor Bracket is genius and shared my picks, but I have a pretty poor track record on the Bach Bracket so far. I have a pattern of picking 2/3 in the final 3 correct, but picking a random underdog for the winner... I guess this isn't an underdog kinda game and we'll see if I can turn my luck around this season.

My Ghosts of Bachelor's Past:

Before I go through my top three for this season, I have to share a few things that really bugged me during the first episode of Season 19 of the Bachelor, obviously the most dramatic season premiere of the Bachelor yet.

Did you notice it was light out by the time they were done filming the rose ceremony? What?!  You can see that it's daylight in Kimberly's sobby exit (and then return). I mean can you blame Tara for barely being able to stand by the end of the night?

Also, the only red head on the show walked in wearing a pig nose. Really? On behalf of gingers everywhere, way to NOT represent.
Photo USA Today

And... here are my "Triumphant 3"

Kelsey: Honestly she seems the most normal out of any of the girls and she has a good sob story, but I don't think it be enough to take her all the way. Chris has to cut her before the final two to prevent totally breaking her heart.

Whitney: I think she's a top contender since she's a fertility nurse and therefore sorta kinda works with kids. Despite having a good career, she also seems dumb enough to move to Iowa. Her voice is beyond annoying though so despite busting my bracket, I would applaud her going home before The Final Two.

Britt: I really think this gal is bat-sh%!, but she got the first impression rose and my past desire to pick an underdog has back-fired, so congrats Britt. You'll win in my book.

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