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Jun 30, 2015

Daer Dad, Sinserly Your Dog Wanter

I went home over Memorial Day and as usual my parents requested I help clean out something from my childhood. I have already gone through my closet and the rest of my bedroom (which actually is no longer my bedroom). This trip home the ask was to go through a box of schoolwork, artwork, and other random mementos my parents had kept and to set aside anything I still wanted them to save.

I found a lot of gems in that box. I had a book where each person in my first grade class wrote a sentence about what I was good at and drew an picture of me doing it. Even 20 years later, it was quite the confidence boost to read that 20 first graders thought I was good at soccer and gymnastics. How great would it be to get one of those from your team at work everyday (and they wonder why millennials need constant praise in the workplace)? I also found this funny coloring book from kindergarten which shows a seemingly un-PC association with little people and St. Patrick's Day. I think these two really deserve their own TLC show at this point.

Anyway, last week my boyfriend asked "Why did you want to get a dog?" I thought it was a super weird question and something that should have been asked 2.5 years ago before we actually got our dog, Stella. I secretly think he was fishing for the "I wanted to test you as a parent" answer. While there is likely deep down some truth to that to that, after going through that box from my childhood, I had cold hard proof that this was something I had wanted for a long long time. Apparently since the creation of Microsoft Word, but before my knowledge of spell check or where to find the apostrophe key. Before I knew it would actually be hard a sh*t to make a doghouse from scratch, and before I had any understanding that taking care of a dog would actually take more time than writing a three paragraph letter.

For full disclosure, my mom is allergic to dogs which prevented me from living this childhood dream, because I don't know how you could get this letter as a parent and not totally cave...


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