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Jul 31, 2015

Fiday Five: No worries, I Googled it.

Hold up, it's Friday and I'm about to do a happy dance over here. Before the weekend starts though, there are some really serious, life changing questions on my mind that I need to FINALLY get the answers to. I thought I would share some really riveting insights from my Google sesh. Maybe you've asked yourself some of these as well...
1. Who the heck is Fido?
On my morning run there is a sign about leashing your dog which uses the name "Fido" to reference dog-kind. It got me wondering, why is Fido the go to generic dog name? Personally I would have used Clifford. 

The Answer: Fido was actually the name of Abraham Lincoln's dog, which is how it became popular. In Latin it means “to trust, believe, confide in".  Aw cute, cheers to man's bff!

2. Should I know what Starbucks means when it says "Sumatra"?
Sometimes I think I need a Starbucks dictionary. As a Seattleite, I figured I should know this one.
The Answer:  Sumatra is an island in western Indonesia and part of the Sunda Islands. Coffees in Sumatra are traditionally processed using a method called Giling Basah, or wet-hulling. It results in a coffee that leaves the farm with a higher moisture content.

3. Can I recycle red solo cups?
I was at a BBQ and someone threw a red solo cup in the recycle. In my head I was thinking, "what a recycle newb", then I started to second guess myself..
The Answer: Most municipal recycling programs don't take #6 plastic at the curb (#6 = polystyrene, what solo cups are made of), but there are a few exceptions including Ann Arbor (Go Blue, Live Green)!  In case you aren't ready to leave your frat star life behind, this article has info on other options to recycle red cups and suggests other more eco-friendly options like these from Red Cup Living.

4. Why is the flag at half-staff right now?
At some point in the last week someone asked me this and I could speculate, but didn't have an actual answer.  
The Answer: 
"Periods of mourning are proclaimed either by the president of the United States, for national remembrance, or the governor of a state or territory, for local remembrance, in the event of a death of a member or former member of the federal, state or territorial government or judiciary." - A PDF probably made for a third grade classroom, so no, I'm not smarter than a 5th grader
Had I been keeping up on The Skimm this week maybe I would have known what the current half-staff was for. If you are really dying to always impress your friends with your flag knowledge, you can actually sign up for half staff email alerts, but I'll just stick to The Skimm. 

5. Why are there cracks in the bathroom doors?
OK does this bother anyone else? I know the cracks are small, but why do public bathrooms, including the ones in the office, have cracks along the hinges? As if shared bathrooms aren't weird/uncomfortable enough!
The Answer: The jury is still out on this one... from what I could gather there is a multitude of reasons ranging from cost savings to public safety. I guess life will have to go on without solving this mystery...

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