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Sep 2, 2015

Hoppin' with Kangaroo aka Kangoo

I've been traveling to New York for work a ton. One reason I love Classpass is that you can setup a flex city to take workout classes in. I find my trips to NY much more enjoyable when I can find fun workout classes to try - and in New York, the options are endless.

Last time I was there I tried BOING at Crunch Fitness. I think the quest to take this class started about a year ago when my friend and I came across the video below. As an ex-cheerleader, if you give me any workout class with a beat and a solid 8-count, I'm there! But really. how fun does this look?

The name of the crazy space boots you wear during the workout is "Kangoo". For pretty much the entire year I've wanted to try this class, including when I checked in at the front desk of Crunch Fitness, I called it Kangaroo. So for all intensive purposes that is what I am going to call them because if you ask me that is a way better name.
The Kangaroo boots were originally developed for runners to help decrease impact. A doctor lists off that and 32 other health benefits here. Let's be real though, I wasn't doing it for my health... I just really wanted to bounce like a Kangaroo.

Here is bit about how my class went....

By the time I got to the class I think I already had burned like 500 calories from dodging tourists in Time Square, then walking up to the 4th floor in this gym since, like everything else in NY, the gym was in a sky scraper. I finally made it to the class room and the teacher handed out the boots for us to put on. Of course, Big Foot over here had to wear a large, but the teacher, also tall and apparently a fellow Big Foot, made a comment about also having to wear boots that looked large enough to take over the world.

Putting the boots on felt like strapping into ski boots.When I first stood up I, and everyone else who also appeared to be first timers, started to wobble, and no not THE Wobble. We did a few silly exercises to show us that we weren't actually going to fall over and die in the Kangaroos. Then the music started and we finally got to bust a move. And yes, Hey Mickey, was a song we Kangarood to so you know I had to hide my excitement when that came on.

In case you can't tell from watching the video above, it was actually a really good cardio workout. I was slightly relieved when the instructor announced that we only actually Kangaroo for 35 minutes. We spent the last 10 minutes doing leg lifts with the moon boots as weights and stretching out.

Image - Kangoo Jumps Pinterest
While I don't think you'll spot me jogging around Central Park in a pair of Kangaroos anytime soon, I would definitely BOING again. Hey Mickey!

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