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Hi, I'm Allison and this is my blog.

Why? Because I'll be the first to admit that I'm not particularly great at ANY of those things.

I have everything I'd imagined I would have at my age and so much more: a job I love, a great guy, a condo, and a puppy. Despite knowing how lucky I am, I've come to realize that you can't do it all. Plus the real world is much harder than I thought it would be (the life as a ballerina I imaged at age 6 was pretty great).

I invite you to join me through my DINKY journey as I attempt to navigate my career, take care of my home, continue to build my relationship with my boyfriend (he puts the D in DINK), and raise my weird dog.

Stella is a husky shiba-inu mix. We chose the mix since we wanted an "apartment sized husky." We got her in January of 2013. Raising a puppy was much harder than I thought, but it was worth it.

Stella falls somewhere between quirky and down right weird. She has some odd habits, like looking at herself in the mirror and eating her food in the strangest way. But she's a great dog and adds a ton of fun to our lives.  Really, she is the star of the site.